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What is this site?

The Willow/Tara Fiction Archive is a repository for fanfiction starring Willow and Tara, two characters from the hit television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thousands of such stories have been written and sprinkled over the Internet in the last decade; this site is one woman's effort to bring them all together.

Who runs this site?

Ooo! Me! It's me! I do!

Uh...hey, guys. I'm Meg (Jasmydae). I'm not sure what to say about myself, other than that I watched Buffy a bazillion years after everybody else had already seen it, and I became way too attached to certain characters. I began reading fanfic shortly after watching the last episode, and tried my hand at writing my own a few months later. Web design is a hobby of mine, and what better way to feed an addiction than to merge another pastime into it?

If you need to reach me for whatever reason, be it for distribution of accolades or for lynching, my email address is down there at the bottom of the page, somewhere.

I want a Tara.

What are the story requirements?

There are literally thousands of W/T stories on the Internet, and it would have taken me years to hunt them all down, so I had to create some filters:

Who wrote the stories?

Except for a couple, the stories found in this archive are not my own. From the moment Willow and Tara locked gazes across the room at the Wicca meeting, various authors have been chronicling their lives—filling in the missing scenes, branching original plot arcs off of existing BtVS episodes, and (in many cases) creating entirely new, independent stories of their own.

Without the authors to supply a seemingly endless stream of new adventures for the girls, the community would never have lasted this long. So please, if you enjoy a story in this archive, consider firing a quick email off to the author to let them know you've read their work and to encourage them to continue writing. A few kind words will go a long way.

How can I submit a story?

If you've got a W/T story you'd like to add to this archive, I'd be glad to help. Please read the section on story requirements to be sure your work is eligible.

Simply email me a link to your story if it exists elsewhere on the Internet. I recommend posting it at the Kitten Board! If the story doesn't have a home anywhere else, I can probably work off of the original documents if you attach them to the email, but it will take longer.

Please include the following with your submission: author's name (as you would like it to appear) and email address (optional, so people can send you feedback), story's rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, or your country's equivalent), a quick summary of the story, and any disclaimers or notes you would like to add to the title page.

Where can I find more?

Check out the page of links for starters. There you will find the Kitten, a web board containing the Different Colored Pens forum. The Kitten is the largest and most active W/T 'shipping community on the Internet; many of the stories you'll find on this site began as Different Colored Pens threads.

Fiction archives like Through the Looking Glass, The Mystic Muse, and Crypt of Fic are linked because they contain many W/T fics, but there are quite a few other archives besides these. Near Her Always (Willow-centric), Passion and Perfection (femslash), The Pink Rabbit Consortium (femslash)...the list goes on and on. Google searches for "willow/tara fiction" will undoubtedly turn up thousands of stories.

I've done my best to scour the Internet—both current and archived—to collect as many W/T fics as I could find into one location, but getting them all would be nigh impossible. For every completed story, there are twenty abandoned ones. There are umpteen million songfics, 500-word vignettes, and works in progress; few of these are included in this archive, because locating and sifting through them all is too daunting a task for this webmistress. ^_^

Who made all the pictures?

Most of the story graphics you will find on this site were created by Chris Cook (Artemis), who is the webmaster of Through the Looking Glass (an archive of Uber W/T fiction) and a wonderful W/T author, himself. It turns out his creative prowess covers Photoshop, as well!

The title page and sidebar pictures were created by Jayanthi Fabris (jay/wt4evr).

Artists are credited on the title page of each story that contains any artwork.

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